About Us

       In The Year of 1990 I came along with Pastor David Raju garu to pray for a boy who was suffering from heart disease. He was a relative of our one of our local church member at Hyderabad which is preceded by PS David raj garu. The boy was in a very serious condition, left desolated by Doctors. But by the Grace of GOD the boy was miraculously cured. They were all Gentiles and through this miracle many people glorified the Lord and came to Saviour Jesus. And thus a small group gathered for a meeting by the Grace of God and many demon possessed were delivered and many sick were healed.


       After some days a believer in Godavarikhani expired so again we came for the Burial ceremony as well to begin our ministry in Godavarikhani. This ministry’s foundation was laid by Ps. David Raj garu. Our Ministry in Godavarikhani began with a burial ceremony as we mentioned in the Book of Ruth; the story of Ruth began with burial ceremony but her end was glorious. We too expect the same in our ministry.


       In 1992 a Singareni Employee and a local union leader mediated and donated an open land in singareni area. And we erected a shed for three consecutive days, and the construction of shed was completed after three days, but on third day singareni security officials came and dismantled the shed in three minutes. This issue was then taken up by our local M.L.A to support us, who was much interested in this issue. From that day I gave up food and sleep for many days and I frequently fasted for 21 days and 40 days. For many weeks, I continued to fast and pray and never took a nap . I prayed whole night from 10pm to 4 am kneeling straight on my knees lifting hands and holding the 2 rods on the ceiling which were to the height for my stretched hands. Like this way, I gave up sleep for many days. After many long prayers God heard us and spoke to local M.L.A Mathangi Narsaiah garu. After then M.L.A called me and shown this present place which is now become the Head Quarter for this Ministry.


       As the Lord said unto our forefather Abraham M.L.A Mathangi Narasaiah Garu asked me to lift up my head and posses the land up to your Eye sight. These words reminded me of what the Lord Almighty has told our forefather Abraham. And we took possession of this vast land. By God’s Grace we came to this land and began the ministry with 12 days fasting prayers in a tent. In February 1995 after 12 days of fasting prayers I baptized 58 new souls. And from there our ministry took off and rose gradually. From that time to this present time we have extended our church building 8 times. We are grateful to our beloved Ex M.L.A Mathangi Narsaiah garu and also to our elders who stood in all our calamities.


       Lord has done many more things which cannot be uttered in few sentences. The Lord has miraculously supplied all our needs for the construction of church building.  As our Chief Pastor David Raju garu has taught us to live by faith and faith alone so we did not sought any human help. My heart is filled with Joy and gratitude. Still lord has put many more visions and missions in my heart.  The Lord will do it in HIS right time.


Thank God for all this